During my time at UC Berkeley I worked with with some amazing undergraduates. I recruited undergraduates via the via the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP). Here are a few of the amazing apprentices and researchers I have had the pleasure to mentor.

(Left Left to right: Janette Bustos, Roxanne Gardner, Pooja Butani, Edith Lai, Miranda Lee-Foltz, Rachael Olliff Yang, Emma Reich, Zoë Ziegler, and David Ackerly)

Pooja Butani
Interests: Ecology, Climate Change, Evolutionary Principles
URAP Project: Phenology dynamics in California grassland communities 




Emily Cox
Interests: Ecology, Conservation Biology, Native California flowers, Climate Change
URAP Project: Pepperwood Herbaceous Survey List
Senior Thesis Research: Water stress and Lasthenia gracilis: A glimpse into the future of California grasslands


Edith Lai  
Interests: Biodiversity, climate change, community dynamics, and environmental health
URAP Project: Phenology dynamics in California grassland communities

Independent Research: Effects of declining biodiversity on the phenology of Lasthenia gracilis

Emma Reich 
Interests: plant ecology, interspecies interactions, plant phenology, ecophysiology
URAP Project: Phenology dynamics in California grassland communities

Independent research: Fire and pollinator resources: phenology, forb abundance, and species richness of grassland communities with distinct burn histories

Additional Lab Members
Janette Bustos
Roxanne Gardner
Miranda Lee-Foltz
Hannah Roodenrijs (Independent Research: Topographical Influences on Phenology on a California Grassland Community)
Zoë Ziegler (Independent Research: Differences in pollinator composition and phenology between grasslands with distinct burn histories)
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