California Botanical Society

In addition to my research, I also serve as the membership chair for the California Botanical Society.

The California Botanical Society was founded by Willis Linn Jepson in 1913 and serves a major role in advancing Western American botany with its five primary program services:

  • Scientific Publications. Since 1916, the Society has published the peer-reviewed, scientific journal Madroño, the leading source of research articles on the ecology, systematics, floristics, restoration, and conservation biology of Western American botanical organisms, including those of Mexico, Central and South America.
  • Annual Banquet. The Society sponsors a banquet and lecture held annually in California.
  • Research Support. Made possible by the Annetta Carter Memorial Fund, the Society supports botanical research on the green plants of Baja California.
  • Graduate Student Support. Every other year, in conjunction with our annual banquet, the Society sponsors a student-organized symposium where students come together to present their research and participate in a community of scientists. The Society supports graduate (and undergraduate) students undertaking botanical research through Paul Silva Student Research Grants. The Society provides reduced prices and other subsidies to undergraduate and graduate students to encourage their participation in all Society events. In addition, graduate students are encouraged to publish their research in Madroño, and to apply for Annetta Carter research grants.
  • Community Outreach to Non-Academic Professional Botanists. The Society sponsors social events for professional networking purposes, field trips, and lectures. The Society also publishes Nemophilia, a digital newsletter and forum covering topics of interest to our members, including upcoming meetings, new botanists in the state, and articles about plants and the environment. Additionally, the Society is developing a program to bring botany to K-12 schools through the Botany Ambassadors program.

The Society welcomes membership by all individuals interested in Western American botany. Subscriptions to Madroño are available for institutions. Membership dues and institutional subscriptions support the publication of Madroño.

To see more about what we do and become a member visit:

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