It’s Black Botanists Week!

July 6 – 10 is #BlackBotanistsWeek on Twitter. Join me in following & engaging with the #BlackBotanistsWeek hashtags on twitter and instagram this week. Black Botanists Week is a social media campaign event to bring together enthusiastic and knowledgable Black botanists and highlight their botanical stories, poems, professional experiences, and love for Botany. Check outContinue reading “It’s Black Botanists Week!”

New Paper out in Restoration Ecology!

Check out our new paper out in Restoration Ecology on strategies to respond to phenological mismatch. Conceptual Implications: •Predictions of phenological asynchrony due to climate change call for novel conservation strategies. •We propose extending phenological phase duration as one approach for buffering impacts of asynchrony. •Techniques to extend the duration of plant or animal activityContinue reading “New Paper out in Restoration Ecology!”

Goldfields update

Last year I successfully collected seed from over 30 populations of goldfield flowers (Lasthenia californica and L. gracilis), thanks to the people who volunteered to join me along the long stretches of road I travelled. The populations we found ranged from San Diego all the way to Kneelend CA! Collecting seeds at the Tejon Ranch Conservatory.  FromContinue reading “Goldfields update”

Chasing Goldfields

Spring 2017 brings with it an intense mission: seed collection. I’m collecting Lasthenia (Common goldfields) seed from sites across California for a common garden project. Basically, most of my time these days is spent chasing fields of gold. I’m specifically looking for Lasthenia gracilis and Lasthenia californica species. If you know of any patches of GoldfieldsContinue reading “Chasing Goldfields”

AGU Presentation

I am presenting a poster at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) conference in San Francisco. Stop by to say hello and to hear more about the Ackerly lab work on community weighted climate means. Ackerly lab members Meagan Oldfather and Matt Kling are also presenting at the conference. Visit for more information! Rachael Leigh Olliff YangContinue reading “AGU Presentation”