New Paper out in Restoration Ecology!

Check out our new paper out in Restoration Ecology on strategies to respond to phenological mismatch.

Conceptual Implications:

•Predictions of phenological asynchrony due to climate change call for novel conservation strategies.

•We propose extending phenological phase duration as one approach for buffering impacts of asynchrony.

•Techniques to extend the duration of plant or animal activity timing include utilizing abiotic heterogeneity, genetic and species diversity, and alteration of population timing.

•Existing biodiversity conservation techniques may have the potential to address mismatch concerns if put into the context of phenological shifts.

•We call on restoration ecologists to propose and test effectiveness of strategies to address mismatch concerns

Open access full text available here:
Olliff-Yang, RL, T Gardali, DD Ackerly 2020. Mismatch Managed? Phenological phase extension as a strategy to manage phenological asynchrony in plant–animal mutualisms. Restoration Ecology. doi: 10.1111/rec.13130. 

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